EXCITING NEWS! I am thrilled and honored to announce that The Footlights Theatre has received the producing rights to the “US Premiere” of the award-winning play, CLOUDBURST, by American-Canadian writer, Thom Fitzgerald. You may have seen the 2011 movie, based on the 2010 play, which has won 27 “Best Picture” awards and stars Oscar-winning actresses Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. CLOUDBURST will run May 4th- 20th (Thursdays 7:00pm, Fridays and Saturdays, 7:30pm) and, in celebration of PRIDE Portland, June 6th-15th (Tuesdays- Wednesdays-Thursdays, 7:00pm).

CLOUDBURST carries inexplicable charm, laugh-out-loud comedy, tears and heart-warming spirit. Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another through life's ups and downs. Now in their seventies, Stella is hard of hearing and Dot is legally blind. Dotty's conservative granddaughter, Molly, refuses to accept that they are “a couple” and visits them with a court order that allows her to move Dot into a nursing home. This forces Stella and Dot to make a bold decision: they will leave their hometown in Maine and make their way to Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal. En route to Canada, they pick up Prentice- a young, free-spirited hitchhiker, who is returning to Nova Scotia to visit his dying mother. Despite his bravado, Prentice has much to learn from Stella and Dot. CLOUDBURST focuses on life-long relationships, the true meaning of family and love.